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B.U.G. Force is a TPS (third-person-shooter) VR Shoot ’Em Up, inspired by old space dog fight games from the early 90’s.
The game value navigational skills in combination with shooting accuracy and strategy in the same way as the original games.

Goal: Reach the top on the global highscore, that’s it! Conquer telepads on the motherboard to get points and power-ups, shoot enemies, beat bosses and maybe, maybe you finally beat the game.

Concept: The game value skills such as spatial perception, reactivity, tactical ability and of course the ability to create carpets of bullets as in the original game.
You have to prepare yourself to spend some time to master the controllers in this VR TPS to get a feeling for your ship, the distances to the enemies, obstacles and the bullets flight in the air.

Design: The game is built up on 7 levels, 6 unique bosses and an end-game mode. The game is designed so it should take approximately 30 minutes to play through all levels. The highscore is central and a more aggresive(risky) playstyle can give more points.
The game also have 3 difficulty modes, each with it’s own highscore.

And lastly… there is no autosaves (as in old games) and… you have only one life.

About development

This is an indie game developed during spare time.
We as devs aimed for a VR game concept where the tricky control is a central part of the game when trying to shoot other things at the same time.
We neither had experience from game development.
“Certainty of death. Small chance of success. What are we waiting for?”

So… this project has sort of being an interesting learning path to walk along.
Our goal with the game is humble: “At least one for us unknown player give the game a “thumbs up”

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