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B.U.G. Force


This is a multi-player VR Shoot ’Em Up, inspired by the Amiga game Gravity Force from the 80’s.
This game value navigational skills in combination with shooting accuracy in the same way as the original game.

The name of the game is B.U.G. Force.


30 years forgotten deep under trashed electronic junk the B.U.G. Forces re-activate on an emergency call and re-appear from the city ruins in an apocalyptic future where only the strongest survived… and one of them was you.

Thanks to a personal anti-meteor protection suite you inherited from a for-father, previously used for short flight and teleportation travels through a dense polluted atmosphere, you now got control of a B.U.G. Force ship. But you’re not alone with an anti-meteor protection suite, perfectly suitable to use against other targets as well.

Among city ruins and on teleportation towers, players start to take control of the tremendous ships and make alliances to conquer and defend the city cores from the other enemies.

The lobby

You start out in the lobby, where you can change your name, start a single- or multi-player game or join a multi-player game. After klicking Battle, the screen changes and you get to choose the color of your ship as well as starting the game.

  1. Initiate single- or multi-player game.
  2. Open the keyboard to change player name.
  3. Join a multi-player game.
  4. Change the color of your ship.
  5. Start the single- or multi-player game. When all players have pressed Join, the game begins.
  6. In this area, other players will turn up.

The game

When the game starts you find that you are standing on a startpad, with a ship on a platform below you. Hold both thumbs on the pads to fly the ship. Move your hands vividly in the same direction to turn the ship in different directions. You might find it takes some time and practice to learn how to control the ship.

As the game starts the time will start counting down. When you´re out of time the game ends, unless your ship isn´t destroyed first.

You fire with the trigger on each controller and if you press the trigger for 1-2 seconds you drop bombs.

There are teleport towers throughout the game field. To be able to teleport you have to conquer the tower by shooting at it with your ship. Once the tower is yours, it will turn the same color as your ship. Then you can teleport to it by pressing both grips on the controller.

On your right hand controller there is a screen showing the ships health, fuel and ammunition. You can load all of them by landing your ship on a starting pad.

The score

There are several ways to gain points in the game.

Shooting at telepads gives you 1 point for each hit. After five hits the telepad is in your control which gives you another 20 points. The telepad ups the points over time, therefore it´s not only good for teleporting it´s also good to control many telepads to gain many points.

Hitting an enemy gives you 2 points and if you kill an enemy you get another 20 points. But beware, getting too close to the enemy will send them on your trail.

In multi-player mode you get 10 points for hitting other players and another 100 points if you kill another player.


This game is still under development and a release date is not yet set.