B.U.G. Force has, over two afternoons, been representing ‘The Great journey’ at ‘Steel games’ (steelgames.se), a LAN-party stretching over 48 hours with promising future potential. This was the second year Uddeholm (a multinational producer of high alloyed tool steel) arranged the party in Hagfors and over 100 gamers joined up.
In short, LAN-lovers not there really missed a very well arranged event!

After the SGC, we modified the game a bit and reseted the highscore due to new conditions. It´s now easier to find the ship (restructured the startpad among other things), the enemy AI has improved, making it slightly harder to hit them… which amused the AI-responsible… at least 🙂
…and of course a lot of other changes as well…

We also let all (young as well as “young in mind”) play in “god-mode” (no damage from dead objects). We want a difficult game, but those who try the game should have a fair chance to understand and get the grip.

A few persons managed to get one of our limited edition keyholders, congratulations to all of you. Also thanks to all for helping us understand what to do next!


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