The game was published as ‘Early access’ 5th februar 2021 with 3 levels (bosses). One streamer tried the game the same evening and for us developers it was exciting to follow the progress for a completely new player of the game.

During mars we made som adjustments and added a 4th level (boss) to the game. But… we work with the game only on spare time, so of various reasons our work with the game halted during the summer period.

At the end of year we slowly started up again and precisely as 2020, a lot more was done during the weeks around christmas, now were planning for a release 2022-02-05, exactly one year later.
The release of the game is sort of a try to finalize the game and reach a goal we started run against as complete beginners a couple of years back.
What is interesting is that we still feel the game has something unique that we can give to the players that manage to get over the first tricky steps.

Big thanks to all who tried the game during 2021, we have learned a lot.
Since the aim in the game is the highscore, we have saved a top 3 from 2021 and the ‘Early access’ version of the game:

1Mc Nugget3846